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Parent & Community Testimonials

The parents, guardians and caregivers of students at Matthew's Center know what it's like to live day-to-day with the highs and lows of autism. This is what some individuals have to say about Matthew's Center and the various services we provide.

"The teachers and staff of Matthew's Center are professional, conscientious and supportive. It is obvious that they love the valuable work they do with their students." Deborah Gambert, Parent

"I know firsthand how tough it is raising a child with autism, the heartache, the struggles, and the rewards as you see your child grow and learn, with every step and stage a celebration. For 6 years I watched the staff at Matthew’s Center work with my son, Michael, giving all they had to give him the best chance at life they could. I applaud Matthew’s Center for all they have and are doing with children like my son and their families." Mark Payne

"THANK YOU so much for providing a wonderful school experience for my son during the past several years. We had tried many places, and we are satisfied that Matthew's Center is the BEST PLACE he could have been. Thank you for your kindness, attentiveness, dedication, creativity and continuous efforts to challenge him to learn and grow." Joyce & Erick Erickson

 *All testimonials on this page have been used with expressed permission of the individual.